Sunday, September 8, 2013

Skin Eating Fungus is a Threat to Salamanders

A very dangerous skin eating fungus is a danger for Salamanders in the Netherlands."Salamander Threatened by Skin Eating Fungus" By: Melissa Hogenboon. 

In the cold Netherlands salamanders are at the border of extinction. Though scientists don't know if the problem has spread to other countries, The Netherlands is the main target. The fire salamander famous for its black and yellow skin has dropped in population at a high speed for the past couple of months. Once the salamander is infected it burns the skin cells. Scientists were aware of this catastrophic event and took some salamanders into captivity for protection. Many new baby salamanders have been born in this protection programs. Scientists are planning on returning them back once the numbers are balanced again. A group of International scientists from different parts of the world have identified this fungus as Batrachochytrium Salamandrivorans which means "salamander eating". They discovered this by isolating the fungus and taking a close look at dead salamanders. Scientists believe this fungus was spread from direct contact or by living in a dirty contaminated environment. They also believe the fungus must have come from another part of the world to the Netherlands.

This author of this article has a valid point by writing this article. It is worrying for me that this fungus is killing many animals like the salamander. If scientists don't find a cure for this then the fungus could spread to other animals. In my opinion I have always liked animals but amphibians are not my favorite, Though I still feel worried for them. How would the society work without them, who would help us eat the mosquitoes? 

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