Sunday, August 25, 2013

Snails Can Spread a Deadly Dog Disease 

Snails are not fast but they are fast enough to cover a big perimeter overnight. “Fast Moving Snails Spread a Deadly Dog Disease” By Matt McGrath

During a experiment scientists have attached LED lights to snails to record their movements over night. Snails are very slow movers but they are fast enough to cover a average back yard from the UK in one night. Fast moving snails are spreading a deadly bacteria that is mortal for dogs. Due to the wet and humid climate of the UK snails are appearing everywhere. The numbers say that the amount of snails has increased 50% over the last year. The bacteria left by the snails is called Angiostronglyus vasorum and is a type of lungworm particularly dangerous for dogs. Dogs can confuse the snails with food or chew on garden toys and can get infected by this type of bacteria. This has caused a big riot for owners of dogs all over the UK. It has a bigger problem since it has spread from south England to Scotland. Scientists don't have a big solution for this problem but they are advising the owners of dogs to check their back yards often to reduce the snail risk. 

Even though I don't own a dog this article relates to me because, I have always wanted one and I can't imagine how would I feel if I lost my dog due to something so small like a snail. In-fact this article can relate to everyone with a dog, Especially people living in the UK. The author of this article has a great point because animals are always taking for granted, For someone to put this much attention to this subject is amazing. This Prezi is about what are significant figures and how can we used them in the lab or classroom. 

Sunday, August 18, 2013

New Specie identified in the Western Hemisphere

 The latest discovery in the animal world involves a new type of mammal.. Olinguito: 'Overlooked' mammal carnivore, By Jane O'Brien

The name is the Olinguito. His habitat is the Western hemisphere in the rain forests of Colombia and Ecuador. It has taken scientists over a century to identify this animal since it is extremely rare to find in present day. This discovery started when a Dr Helgen a zoologist analyzed a weird anatomy of a certain animal in a Chicago museum . He was speechless with the discovery he had just made, he had no words to explain how he felt. Dr Helgen works at the National Museum of Natural History where the biggest collection of mammals bones are held. The Olinguito forms part of the latest addition to the animal family. This animal is a carnivore that forms part of the dogs, cats , bears and other relatives group. It is the first animal discovery in America for more than three long decades. The crucial question that haunts scientists is weather the Olinguito lives in the wild? The truth is the Olinguito lives by itself and produces only one baby at a time. They may be carnivore but it mainly eats lots of fruits. This discovery has led to others explore what else is out there to discover.

This article has enough information from the author to draw excellent conclusions from it. He shows a side of nature no one has seen and explains it in a surreal way. In my opinion this article helps others and myself to wonder and encourage what else is out there to discover. We may not be scientists but wondering is not a crime. The world is a huge place with many things that are unknown to the human eyes and are just waiting to be discovered. Teenagers are the next generation and it up to us to make a new discovery and also to make a change.

Why is Safety Important 

Safety is important because its our life that is on risk if we don't follow the proper guidelines of the lab or any other place with dangerous materials. Important safety rules I have learned are 1) always use goggles in the lab. Goggles are important because no one wants to get blind by not following the rules. 2) Sharp object should not be carried around looking up. Who likes to see blood ? I think no one especially if its your friends blood. Sharp objects are extremely dangerous if not used carefully. Science is a vast topic that has many explanations to it. In my opinion science is very interesting and i am eager to learn more about it this school year. Chemistry this year is so far so good. I've heard its a difficult course but following the rules and instructions there is no reason to get a bad grade. Something I really want to do this year is to make lots of labs just to make the class fun.