Sunday, September 29, 2013

How can Animals hold their breath for such a long time?

Have you ever wondered how come animals don't come out to the surface for a long time?  " Deep Breaths" By Stephanie Warren. Warren, StephanieRosen, RaphaelGuarino, BenHerman, DebbieRoss, Valerie. "Science News." Science World 70.2 (2013): 2. MAS Ultra - School Edition. Web. 29 Sept. 2013. q

Not all animals can hold their breath for such a long time, Seals and big sperm whales are #1 in that task. This animals hunt underwater for what it seems to be about one hour or two without returning to the surface. How can they do this? Well scientists have recently discovered the magic behind this talent. Aquatic animals such as seals and whales have a oxygen storing molecule that allows them to go so deep into the ocean. This mammals contain a molecule called Myoglobin this molecule provide muscle cells with oxygen. Divers need extra Myoglobin to hold their breaths. Though its very dangerous when this cells get too close because they can't function properly. Divers have developed a “non stick” Myoglobin that prevents this from happening. Us humans don't have the the positive electric charge Myoglobin molecule that diving mammals have , making us not a sufficient as them.

This article is short but well written. I think the author didn't want to overwhelm the reader with a long explanation on how Animals hold their breath, and thats why she made a summary. I decided to work on this article because I had always wonder how can animals do that? Now I know its because they had a Myoglobin cell that helps them breath for a long time.  

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